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Let's get #SaveThe21 trending, and show those responsible for the lives of these dogs just how many people care whether they live or die.  Share a photo of yourself (or your dogs!) today holding a sign that reads #SaveThe21 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and encourage your friends to do the same. Be sure to include the #SaveThe21 hashtag. You can use the following caption for your photo:

21 dogs who were once forced to fight now need all of us to fight for them. After being rescued from a life of abuse at the hands of humans, these dogs were given a death sentence by the Ontario SPCA. But these dogs don't need to die. This is a critical time, and each and every one of us can play an important part in saving their lives. If you believe that these dogs deserve to live, please share a photo of yourself (or your dog!) with a sign that reads "#SaveThe21", and visit to learn how you can become involved. Together we CAN #SaveThe21.

Click here for printable signs. 

Phase two of our campaign to #SaveThe21 will begin on February 1st. On February 1st we will need your help to communicate a single important message directly to those responsible for the lives of these dogs. Detailed instructions about how you can do this will be released at this time.  To become a part of our campaign to #SaveThe21, please enter your e-mail address below so that we can notify you when Phase 2 begins! By working together as a community of animal lovers, we CAN save these dogs!