Send an e-mail directly to Kate MacDonald - the CEO of the Ontario SPCA. Demand that she withdraw her organization's request to have the dogs killed immediately, and that she provide current photos of all 21 dogs so that those advocating for these dogs, and advocating against dog fighting internationally, can see the faces of these victims.  Use our pre-written e-mail below, or write your own! 

* Did you receive an automated response from Connie Mallory? Here is a pre-written response that you can send back:

Dear Ms. Mallory,
Thank you for your prompt response. Please allow me the opportunity to clarify some misinformation within your message. 
To begin, I am not asking that you hand over the dogs to any organization or group. I am simply asking that you withdraw your application seeking the court’s permission to have the dogs killed. From there, a court order would be required to transfer the dogs to a facility where they could receive expert enrichment, but your pending application prevents the court from properly considering this straightforward solution. Further, the behavioural assessments that you have provided to the court have been provided in support of your application to have the dogs euthanized. To date, only assessments for the dogs that you seek to euthanize have been submitted, and these assessments were submitted for no other reason.
I am heartened to hear that your organization advocates for rehabilitation, but question why no attempts at professional rehabilitation were made prior to requesting that these 21 dogs be euthanized. The behavioural evaluations provided in your court filing do not show 21 dogs who are without hope. After all that these dogs have suffered at the hands of humans, they are deserving of a chance. Should these dogs not progress to the point where they can reasonably and safely be placed in homes, lifelong sanctuary has been offered to them. 
These dogs have not been seen for over one year. I maintain my request that you provide current photos of all 21 dogs, so that those working to save their lives, and those working to end dog fighting internationally, can see the faces of these victims. 
Thank you.

Send an e-mail directly to Marie-France Lalonde - the Ontario MPP responsible for oversight of the Ontario SPCA, urging her to step in and demand that the Ontario SPCA withdraw their application to euthanize these dogs immediately. Use our pre-written e-mail below, or write your own! 

Let's get #SaveThe21 trending, and show those responsible for the lives of these dogs just how many people care whether they live or die.  Share a photo of yourself (or your dogs!) today holding a sign that reads #SaveThe21 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and encourage your friends to do the same. Be sure to include the #SaveThe21 hashtag. You can use the following caption for your photo:

21 dogs who were once forced to fight now need all of us to fight for them. After being rescued from a life of abuse at the hands of humans, these dogs were given a death sentence by the Ontario SPCA. But these dogs don't need to die. This is a critical time, and each and every one of us can play an important part in saving their lives. If you believe that these dogs deserve to live, please share a photo of yourself (or your dog!) with a sign that reads "#SaveThe21", and visit www.SaveThe21.com to learn how you can become involved. Together we CAN #SaveThe21.

Click here for printable signs.